Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Almost Christmas

The Christmas season has been so much fun this year because we finally had a kid to share the excitement with. This year was a little weird without the snow... of course the year that I tell myself that I am going to embrace the snow, it doesn't snow. My plan for the month of December was to do all the fun festive things. With our busy schedules, Pete being in school we were able to do everything I had planned which I was so bummed about. But it didn't take long to realize that all that stuff is not what mattered most. It was being with my little family, and that truly was the best part about this month. I loved every minute I was able to spend with Pete and Hadlee even if it was just saying our good byes in the morning!

Our house is ready for Santa to come....

Hadlee loved the idea of a house made out of candy. After eating half of the candy she finally got the hang of placing the candy on the house. She loved it!

The Sunday before Christmas my sister Alicia invited us all to her house for a Nativity and goodies. It was so special to see the kids dressed up and read the story of Christ birth. Its easy to get so caught up in the whole commercialized Christmas, but it was neat to do this to remember what the true meaning of Christmas is. Last year Hadlee got to be baby Jesus, this year she just wanted to run around and so baby Jesus was first a baby doll then somehow was replaced by Mickey.
After we did the Nativity we had a special visitor. Santa! Hadlee was not a huge fan of him, she liked him from far away but wasn't nothing to do with him when we got up close to him.

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