Sunday, November 13, 2011

We will miss you Miss Jazzy

Over the weekend, we decided since we had plans with some friends in Salt Lake on Friday night and because Pete had work on Saturday in SL we would spend the weekend at my parents since they were out of town. Well I am glad we did, my little sister mentions that she didn't think Jazzy (our 20 year family Cat) is going to make it. Now, because Jazzy was so old it was normal for her to look old and not be too active. So I didn't believe her. That night when we got home from hanging out with our friends Jazzy was laying by my parents bed looking miserable. Usually if you call her name she will come cuddle with you but she wasn't able to move her back legs at all. Pete and I sat on the ground with her and knew it was no good I even broke down in tears, I think Pete was shocking that I was actually crying over a animal (that's not like me) but he totally understood (being that is still gets teary eyed over his pets that died years ago). The next morning my sister Kalie took her into the vet and because of her age she was too weak and couldn't move. We had to make a decision and we decided it was best to put her down. It was heart breaking! I sure miss her when I visit my moms house. It is just not the same without her. She was the best cat ever!

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