Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 11'

We decided that because we were going to be up in Salt Lake for Thanksgiving we might as well just spend the weekend at my parents so that we didn't have to drive back and forth for all the fun activities that were going on. It was so much fun sleeping at my parents house and Hadlee loved waking up and getting to play with Grandma & Grandpa.
I met Pete Wednesday night at my parents to hang out of course do a puzzle (tradition) with some of my family. Thursday morning, we watched the parade while getting ready. This year Thanksgiving dinner was at the Schipaanboord which I can never complain about. Jan cooked up an amazing dinner which I wouldn't expect any less. After dinner & Games (I left for a little shopping, don't judge) we were off my my parents for pie. I promised myself that I was not doing the whole black Friday shopping..... yes you heard it right, I was NOT going to go shopping. Everyone knew I was kidding myself and I totally was. I had my mind made up until 9:00 PM when my parents were walking out the door to meet up with my brother and sister at Walmart. I couldn't miss out on what I thought would be fun. It was NOTHING but fun. Walmart was a joke! Now, I am not one of those people that think I am too good for Walmart, I actually love Walmart, but when it comes to black Friday I am going to stay away. I witnesses a old lady being trampled, and guy running and jumping onto of sheets that everyone was trying to get it... it was complete chaos! It totally reminded me of the movie 'Jingle all the way'. I will defiantly not be going there on black Friday ever again. Not to mention I got nothing that I went for. Since I was up I figured I might as well head to the mall. Luckily my friend Kelsey wanted to join me. I found a few great deals but I am still trying to convince myself they were worth the loss of sleep. Pete once again thought I was crazy, the difference in this year was that he actually encouraged me to go. He said he knew I would have regretted it. How sweet.... he knows me too well.
 Friday, Pete went to his parents with Hadlee to watch the game while I continued to shop till I dropped. Saturday, we woke up to the smell of coffee cakes (specially made for me) My sisters and mom took my sister Hilarie out for lunch for her birthday. That night was one of my Best friends Bridal shower that we throw for her. It was so much fun and I can't wait for her to be married and too see her as a bride!(Pictures to come)
 All in all it was a great Thanksgiving Weekend! I seriously have so much to be thankful for including:
*Our Health
*Our families
*Our friends
*Our jobs
*Our Heavenly Father
*Many many more things!

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