Friday, August 5, 2011

Change of plans

After months of changing our plans, mixed emotions, the unknown, we finally have a plan.... well for now that is.

So a little background that I haven't posted for the reason being it kept changing. At the end of last year Pete had decided that he wanted to do Air Traffic Control. His dream ever since he was little has been to become a pilot. Being on a plane with this kid is like being with a 5 year old who has just discovered something new, not only that but when we are out side he is always the first one to point out an airplane... he just loves it. Well after talking to different people and hearing their opinions he got discouraged and decided that his dream might not be able to come true but that he would just settle with Air Traffic control because it was in the same career field (somewhat). I was all for it because A. there was NO school here in Utah which meant we were on our way out of here! B. It seemed like a good idea being that I didn't know much about it and figured that if Pete loved this stuff he would love this. So our first choice was a school in California!!!(my dream ALMOST came true) This school was one of the cheapest which was the reason why it was our #1 choice. Well after researching we found out this was not the best school to go to for this, and the percentage that came out of the school passing the test was not so good. So we throw that towel in and started back at step 1 in finding a school. Well after a lot of thought and prayer we decided on BCBB (in Baltimore) at first I was not so excited being that I wanted to get away from the cold and snow, but after alot of thought and prayer I got excited. I was so excited for this new adventure in our life. Yes, there were things I didn't know how they would work out but for me thats what I was looking forward to. I knew that we could figure it out. I have always been like that, if Pete would let us I wouldn't have moved out of state the day we got married with no jobs and no plan and just figure it out once we got there, well Pete is COMPLETE opposite, if we don't have everything set then he isn't down with it. Which I GUESS is good at times..... I guess! Anyways back to my story, So the plan was to pack up our cars/moving van on August 12th and drive cross country. We had a place, school was set, classes were registered for, the only things was to find jobs once we got there.

At Pete's Grandpa's viewing in June one of Pete's old neighbors started talking to him about becoming a Pilot, He is one himself. When Pete was telling me about their conversation you could tell that was his dream, he lite up. The guy told him to come over and talk to him. To be honest I wasn't too encouraging. I told him that there was no point in talking to him, things were already set and we were going to Baltimore. Well days went on and I could tell something wasn't right, I knew the only thing that was going to settle this was for Pete to talk to this guy and get it out of his system. I told him that I wanted to go with him because Pete is not go good at remembering conversations. And I figured he might just tell me the good not that bad.

One Sunday we met with this guy, such a great guy. He knew a lot about Air Traffic control and was able to tell us a lot of information about that. He also told us of other things that Pete could do that was kinda related to ATC. Then his face lite up, I recognized the look, it was the look Pete gets when talking about it. He began to talk about his passion for flying. He opened our eyes more(well mine). He made me feel so much better. He also said that if its something you want to do it's VERY possible. He even took us out back and showed us a plane we was building and even let Pete jump inside even though he barely fit.

Leaving his house I got a better feeling about it, I knew in the back of my head that we were no longer going to Baltimore and that my home for the next 2 years would be in good ol' UTAH!

I will admit I cried a little, and even went a day not talking to Pete, not cause I was mad, I just needed to soak everything up and re plan our next 2 years. I looked at all the positive instead of the negative and I actually got excited. Even though we won't be moving out of state, this is still a new adventure for our little family. This will be the first time we are not leaving either with family memebers or next door to family members. I am excited for that. I am excited to meet new friends and be in a new ward instead of the ward I grew up in. I am excited to be back in my college town and show Pete all the fun places I discovered while living there. I am excited to be around more young married couples. I am excited for Hadlee to be around kids her age.

Most importantly I am excited for Pete. I know this is the right thing because of how happy he gets about it. Everyday he tells me he can't wait for school to start. That makes me so happy, with staying here it almost means I get to go back to school which I have serisouly can't wait! Except now I really need to decide what I want to do! Ifs different when you are paying for school yourself, you want everyone freaking credit to counts since your paying a butt load for it, so there is no messing around and taking classes for the fun of it.

So thats our plan so far, I have faith that one day we will live someone else and take an adventure but for now we are staying here and I ever promised Pete I am going to go all winter not complaining about the cold..... People... thats a BIG deal, I am telling you!

This weekend we are moving into our new place which we are so excited for, keep posted, picture are coming!

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  1. Hey congratulations!! that is so awesome, mal! i'm so happy for you guys... So happy he is following his dream of becoming a pilot! But even happier you guys will be closer to us :) i'm serious about a job at Dr. Graf's... it's a great job with great people! you'd love it! Let me know when you guys are all settled in and you can come drop your resume off ;) haha let us know if you need any thing! Good Luck!