Wednesday, July 6, 2011

She is HOME

The plan was so go to the airport to pick her up with my parents but the flight kept getting delayed and it was already midnight so I decided I couldn't wait any long and decided to see her in the morning. Well I received a call at about 3:00AM from Kalie wanting to come over and see Hadlee. I slept through it so first thing we did in the morning was go to my moms to wake her up. Hadlee screamed which she has never done when meeting someone new. Kalie gave her some China candy and she was just fine after that. Also she put on her outfit that she came off the plane in..... She said this is what all the teenagers wore in China. Everyone came over for breakfast and to see her. Its so good to have her home even though we don't see her much because she is a working woman and with her friends.

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