Thursday, July 7, 2011

the forth weekend

The Parade

The big water fight!

These were all the chickens watching from inside

Opening her first birthday card


I LOVE the forth, I can say its probably my favorite holiday. For Pete not so much, he likes it but doesn't LOVE it! So of course he volunteered to work( well it was either the 4th or 24th) But Saturday we started the festivities with our nephews birthday party and fireworks. Sunday we celebrated all the July birthdays at Pete's parents which included Hadlee's then we went to my other nephews party! That night my cousin slept over so we could get up for the West Jordan Parade. After that we went to my moms for a lunch and ended up getting in a huge water fight. Pete finally got off work and we went to dinner and went to fireworks. Since Hads was worn out from all the fun we had Jan watch her thinking she would go to bed early. Well sure enough when we got home around 11:30PM she was up playing with Grandma happy as can be!! Thanks Jan for watching her!!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th!!!


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