Sunday, June 26, 2011

11 Months

One more month and Hadlee will be 1!
I know I say this every month but time is flying by. At times I love watching Hads grow and seeing all the new things she is leaving to do but at times I seriously just want to cry, I want to stop time and just soak in all these wonderful moments. Over the past month I have stopped working and it has been such a blessing. There is not an amount of money, size of house, piece of clothing that I would rather be saving for then for the time I get to spend with Hadlee. I serious wake up each day so excited to hang out with her. She brightens up my day. Although one day probably sooner then later I will have to go back to work I am not looking forward to it and trying to take full advantage of this time I have with her.
Pete and I still can't get enough of this little girl! Over the past months she is learning so many new things.
*TODAY SHE TOOK 5 STEPS BY HER SELF! before today she would stand by her self no longer then 2 seconds, this morning I stood her up on her feet and all the sudden she started to walk, she made it 5 steps and then fell into my arms. I was shocked and kept making her do it again and again, she got pretty worn out.

*Has now discovered spitting out her food and getting it all over us and everything else.... not cool at all!!! I thought we were going to get lucky and skip this step! NOPE! She also has to take out everything we put in her month, look at it, then put it back in..... gets that from her mom!

*LOVE'S to talk, she mimics up all the time

*LOVES her Grandparents & cousins!

*Loves animals

*Watched fireworks for the first time and hated them at first but then LOVED them and couldn't take her eyes off of them

*Is doing her Sign Language

*Loves to swim

*Her hair is getting blonder

*Is such a happy baby

*Is so friendly, she always smiles, waves and says hi to everyone wherever we go.

*Still takes her bottle.... trying to get her off

*Started drinking milk during the day, formula before bed

*Is in 9-12 and some 12-18 month clothing

*Has her 2 top teeth ( 4 total)

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