Monday, May 30, 2011

Long Holiday Weekend

This weekend has been a great one especially because Pete had Monday off which meant Me and Hads got him home with us for 3 days in a row! Our Fav! Except I kinda lied. He wasn't at home with us, we have been watching my sisters kids while they have been in Vegas since Thursday night so we have been staying up at their house which has been nice to have more space to ourselves, however it is MAJOR birth control.... Don't get me wrong we LOVE thier boys, they seriously make us laugh and are so much fun but I don't think we realized how easy having 1 kid was! So don't worry we still want more kids but not for a while!
Today we went over to Pete's parents house for Jan's yummy clam chowder and scones and then while the boys played games us girl went shopping and I got these babies.....I have been looking for nude shoes since forever ago but couldn't seem to find the perfect ones, well today I finally did and extra bonus was they were on SALE!
Also tomorrow is the day I start back up on getting my summer butt into shape! Before our Cruise I met my goal and for once was happy where I was at, well of course on the cruise I didn't eat all that great and then over the past month we have been out of town a lot and it hasn't been the easiest. I have been good at going to the gym but tomorrow I am starting back up my strict diet and work out! I can't wait, seriously some people dread it but I love the feeling of being healthy and working out! So wish me lucky and cheers to a nice beach bod!

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