Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Months!

Time sure does go by WAY too fast.

Words can not EXPRESS how much I love this little girl. Seriously I never understood how much you could possibly love someone!! She is 10 months and I still find myself starring at her in disbelief that she is MY little girl!!!

I am so bless and lucky to get to be her mom!!

She sure makes our home a lot more exciting bringing in more laughs, smiles, and giggles!!!

She is not walking yet but it won't be too long and she will be. She wants to do everything herself. She is a great eater & sleeper. She has also learned the words "NO" except I am pretty sure she has the wrong definition because if we say no she does whatever it is we are telling her not to do and she does is faster as if she knows we are going to come and take it away from her. Its quit funny at times. She also has picked up on a VERY bad habit of biting. If we do something to frustrate her she grabs whatever close and bits it. Last Sunday it happen to be Pete's dog Maggi that was close by that she went after.

This morning it was quiet for a little too long and so I went to look for her and this is what I found!!! The bathroom seems to be her favorite spot lately!

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