Friday, March 4, 2011


Ok so this is a BIG, no I take that back, this is a HUGE day!

I have been waiting & seriously kicking my butt for this day to come for the last 16 months!

So drum roll please.......


I wish I could say I was one of those lucky girls whom I hate (jk not really just jealous, really jealous) that as soon as your baby pops out you are back to your normal weight and probably since you breast feed you weight less then you did before being pregnant. Well I learned fast that I was NOT that girl and if I wanted to get my normal weight back I was going to have to work my BUTT off, and trust me I learned the real meaning of working your butt off. Well I am proud to say after 7 months of having our sweet baby and I mean this when I say it was SOOOO worth all the body changes, I am BACK to my per baby weight!!!!

Seriously this was not easy, unfortunately I didn't have the luxury of breast feeding which many say helps you loose weight and so I had to do it all on my own which included A LOT of gym time. I will admit that after having Hadlee I didn't do much for the first 5 months. I was hoping that what everyone was telling me (that it just took time) would come true on its own without putting any effort into it. Well I was sick of waiting for that day to come which I am sure would have never came. So I made a goal at the first of the year and 2 months later I have achieved it!
Everyone would ask me how much I gained and to be honest I was SO embarrassed to admit it. If you asked me I probably lied because I was ashamed. I look back now and I could have been a lot better. I think I had the attitude that I was eating for 2 and that it will come off easy once I had her. I cracked at every craving I had which trust me me NOT healthy cravings. So yes I will like to admit that I gained.... are you ready..... I can't believe I am admitting this..... 58 lbs. Now the average gain is about 25-35lbs. So you can see why I was embarrassed. Anyways, now that I have lost it all it makes me even more happy that I did it.
Seriously I am finally back into my normal clothes and get excited to get dressed every day. One major thing I have also gained from this is that I have found a new LOVE! A love I never thought was possible for me, which is my LOVE for the GYM. Seriously I love it, I love everything about it, I love sweating, I love pushing so hard you feel like your going to die, I love not being able to get out of bed the next morning, I love the energy I get that day, I love the accomplishment I feel that day, I love the classes, I love making friends at the gym, I love it!
Since I have found that love I am pushing myself harder to loose even more weight and be happy with my body. Now that I have made it this far I know I can keep going!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Just got goosebumps, Mal. SO awesome! (And BTW, I nursed and I GAINED weight. So I was also one of those "unlucky" new moms, too. I gained 70 lbs. with Ben, so at least you can always say "At least I gained less than Jamie." ;) I'm so proud of you! Love ya.

  2. That is awesome Mal! The more you go to the gym the more you love it! Too bad we dont live closer and we could be gym buddies :)

  3. Ughh! I need to start working out.. I am an unlucky one too. I nurse and I feel like it does not help at all. Hopefully I can stay motivated and lose some LB's. Good job by the way... I needed to read this today. It gives me hope!

  4. Mal it's Lisa! So proud to be a gym buddy of yours! Love Zumba and Piyo with ya! You can always count on me to hit up good ol' 24 :) SO glad that we're friends and super thankful to get to spend time with you and your cute family. Love ya!