Friday, February 11, 2011

yay Football is OVER.....till next season!

I will have to say Pete hasn't been that bad this year, or maybe I am just used to it and I don't think twice about it. But really Pete has been good to watch 'my shows' when I am home or at least go into the other room to watch football, EXCEPT one night.... MONDAY NIGHT/BACHELOR NIGHT! I came home from the gym SO excited to watch my weekly Bachelor that I had recorded. Only to find out that Pete was watching the TV, I knew right then {ONE} of my 2 shows weren't getting recorded because on our tv only 2 shows can be recording at the same time and you can't be watching a live show. It was only about 8:00 (bachelor goes till 9:00, and I have another show that I knew was recording) and he was watching football...... all HELL broke loose.... yes, I had a little (major) freak out. Pete couldn't believe I was freaking out and basically laughed at me. I was irate! It took me till the next morning to laugh at myself but of course I wasn't going to admit that to Pete.... yes I am horrible but if I admitted it to Pete it might just happen again and I couldn't go another week without my bachelor!
ok so to the real point to this post... the SUPER BOWL! There is 1 reason I watch the Super Bowl..... that being the HALF TIME SHOW! I loved it this year. I am awear that I am the only one that loved it but oh well, I did! However, they were kinda struggling on the lighting and sounds but oh well, Love it!
This year we got to have our 1st of I am sure MANY parties at my dads new office building. It is pretty much all done and looks great! This has pretty much been a 5 year process that we have all been dreaming about (the employed) for those of you that don't know, my dad has been running his business for 25 years out of my parents backyard. Even though my parents live on a huge piece of land it just wasn't big enough so after buying 3 houses, bulldozing all three down ( one of them was where Pete and I lived the first 2 months of being married... kinda emotional), dealing with banks and construction companies it is finally finished!! So we celebrated by having the Super Bowl party there!! I will admit I probably only watched a minute of the game besides the half time shows but what really matters is I let me husband soak it in!!! He watches enough football for the both of us!this is what happens when you get a hold of my camera!!!

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