Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well I told myself that this blog would never turn into a place to vent but I figure why not... this is my blog and I can put whatever I want on it. So if you aren't interested in hearing me vent then... see ya later!

So I feel like around this time of every year I feel this way, there is no other way to explain it then just down. This year especially and I think its just that I am frustrated. I sometimes wish that everyone would just be told what they are suppose to do with life and then live it. I hate trying to figure out school and such. Right now Pete and I are in the process of trying to find schooling for him. However, what he is doing there is NO schools in Utah which means we would have to move out of state. Well I was TOTALLY fine with that (For those of you who know me) until I find out that the top schools are in North Dakota & ALASKA.... Yes I said ALASKA!!

I, Mallory Schipaanboord could NEVER survive in ALASKA! Ok, so no I have never been there but seriously who needs to go there to know they don't want to live there. YES, I know its only for at the most 2 years but STILL!!! I mean I guess in North Dakota I would at least get my summers but i mean ALASKA.... common 60 degree is NOT SUMMER! Its so hard because Pete shooting towards Alaska because its the top school. I seriously want to cry just thinking/talking about it. Its hard when people say it won't be that bad, even Pete, he doesn't understand why so badly i don't want to go there, and i don't think anyone will ever understand why except me. I pray that I have a change of heart about it but it hasn't came yet (obviously).

Another thing that I am so frustrated about it my schooling. So bad I want to go back. I miss it.... yes I said it.... I miss it. One hard thing about it is that I am back and forth with what I want to do, and the second is that knowing we are moving out of state I don't want to start and then have to move so I have to wait until we know what we are doing so I will know where to continue schooling.

I guess this is part of life, but I mean it when I say I can't wait till this part is over!!!
I hope everyone has a great week..... seriously where did January go?


  1. I feel for ya, hang in there Mal. Oh, and that was totally not venting, you didn't even say a swear word!!! :) haha
    What is Pete going to school for?? I hope everything works out the way it is supposed to. Just think, if you go to Alaska, you will love Utah more and maybe want to move back :)
    As for how you feel this time of year, its called the Winter Blues and it is actually a diagnosed condition. My mom gets it bad every year, its the cold and lack of sunshine!

  2. MAL! I am so sorry you feel this way lady! That is tough! I suggest typing in "Alaska Fun" into google and seeing all the positive things it has to offer! Funny thing is, the Anchorage, Alaska Temple is my computer background! It is so beautiful! I know the cold is hard to bear and even think about but that will give you an excuse to buy a super cute coat! :) Just think, you'll never have to worry about being modest! layers layers layers, and you'll always look so cute! :) These times in your life are so fun, try to enjoy them! Oneday, you won't have to make school decisions for yourself, just your kids, and.... it would be cool to say "I have lived in Hawaii, Alaska and everywhere in between, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!" Say a prayer to your Father in Heaven and he will so willingly pour his warmth on you to bear it! I promise! :) Love you lots! even your pinky toe!