Wednesday, February 2, 2011

6 Months!

(I am a little late but I was waiting to go to the Dr.)
No way is my baby 6 months!
Seriously where did time go!
It is such a bitter sweet moment. I love the age she is at and how much fun she is now, However there is nothing like the itty bitty stage.

Yes, I know I am bias but Hadlee is seriously the cutest thing ever! She is seriously such a good baby which I am so grateful for!
Dr. says she looks perfect to him.... well probably cause she is!

She wights 16.06 lbs
& is 27 inches!

{New things Hadlee is doing: }

-Sits up for long periods of time
-Has gotten up to her hands and knees once but just sat there
-Is so smiley and VERY friendly
-Loves to shop, there has not been time we have been shopping (Which is quite a bit) and she has started crying. She just sits there and looks at everything!...I am alright with that for now!
-Usually goes to bed at about 10 PM, and weekends if we are out late she usually stays up with us which means she sleeps in with us :)
-Is starting to now want a bottle and would rather eat real food
-When we tickle her she holds her breath and can't figure out if she should cry or laugh
-Is DONE with BUMBO... which I am sad cause we really hardly used it.... she knows how to flip out of it.
-Loves my parents dog and loves to grab its hair which didn't end happy one time :(
-Loves to pull or kick her socks off...... We have lost so many!
-Loves when daddy gets home from work..... no matter what she is doing, she always gives her attention to him
-LOVES dogs :(
1st time as a real shopper!!!
This is how I find her every morning.... at times it freaks me out!
You can't really tell but she has the biggest smile on her face!!

Love you Hads.... So glad you are ALL mine, and that I get to be your mommy!

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  1. Mal! She is so adorable. I can't believe how fast time flies. My baby is almost 6 months old too. So crazy.