Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A week of Halloween FUN!

What a week!
I of course loved every minute of it though!

Can I just say.... Holidays are SO much more fun with kids!!! I loved dressing up Hadlee in Halloween outfits and listening and singing Halloween songs in the car! I can't wait for her to be old enough so she can sing along!

This year I was so excited to be something all together for Halloween, but when I found this little Witch costume I COULDN'T RESIST!

We decided to get in the Halloween spirit a little early and decided to invite a couple of our friends over to carve pumpkins and for dessert! It ended up being such a fun night and even Hadlee got to play with her BFF Paizley!

Pete going to town
We left it to the boys
Awwww BFF's can't wait till Hads can run around with Paiz
This is what I was looking forward to ALL month! Can't carve pumpkin without roasting the seeds!
Pete got really into it
the girls with the finish product
Hads 1st Pumpkin!
They turned out GREAT!

Thursday, my wonderful friends took me out to dinner for my Birthday to the Olive Garden! It was so good to see them all and to catch up! I love them all and am so grateful for them!

Hads even got to come to the girls night

and I had to throw this in here..... Hads watching the JAZZ with daddy!

Friday morning Hadlee and I woke up early to go to Dads Halloween work party. Everyone loved Hadlee's costume!

Going Trick-or-Treating around the office

Friday night my sister had he annual Halloween party. This is one of my favorite parties because no one tell what they are going to be so its a surprise when you get there! This year our costumes changed about 5 times. But we ended up being a flapper & Gangster which was fun to dress up as!

Nightmare before Christmas

Princess & her Prince


Queen Bee & Working Bee (Winner of the Most creative costume)

Eva & Walter....AKA my G&G Frakes
(Winner of funniest costume)

Cutest little Witch!

Best Cousins!

Hadlee had enough fun for the night!

After eating the real fun started. This year we played Minute to Win it. We were teamed up with our husbands/dates/sisters. And this prize was BIG so we were all out for blood. My sister Ivy and I choose all the task to do and we thought we were picking the easiest to do first.... it wiped out half of the teams... which was a bummer for them! Pete and I stayed in to the end, on the last task no one but 1 team completeld it and it was mine & Petes chance to take it home..... but we failed and lost our free night stay in the ANNIVERSARY INN!
Dang it.... maybe next year!
But it was so much fun and I seriously peed my pants laughing!

1st Task
Mummy wrap
This is the task that lost it for us :(

Satuarday was another day of celebration! Pete had to work which was a bummer, but me and Hads hung out and had some fun!

When Pete got off work we headed to Grandpa & Grandma Schip!
Had with her cousin Ben, Emma & Josh!

Also Hadlee's boyfriend Teagon came over! Aren't they so cute!
That night we were off to my uncles Pirate party, you didn't have to dress as a pirate what why not go with the theme! My uncle goes all out with the front of his yard. He had a huge pirate ship with pirate music playing!
Walter & Eva won the best costume at this party!

This is my little cousin he got the best kid costume!

Caryson can't get enough of Hadlee
After the party we went over to Natacia's. It was great to see her fmaily and Hadlee got to see her other boyfriend! This is seriously the funniest picture. We all couldn't stop laughing!

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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