Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flashback Time!

I decided to do this one because Pete and I was just talking about it the other day.

So this picture was taken the night before my 19th Birthday!

That day was seriously the worst day I can remember living down at Dixie. I don't know why it was so bad but I just remember crying to my best friend Natacia about wanting to move back home. I remember taking a bubble bath and trying to relax to get my mind off things. The bath wasn't too relaxing I remember just sobbing... I really wish I remembers why I as so upset. But anyways after taking my bath and putting my rob on (thank goodness) and walking into my room to see Pete with 2 boxes... one being huge!

This was the ultimate definition of the expression of "he made my day"! Seriously there is nothing in the world that could of changed my day then to have him there with me. He had told me he had to work that weekend and couldn't make it down for my birthday and I had a test and couldn't leave either so we made plans to celebrate it the next weekend. I was so bummed, but him being the best he surprised me! and of course he brought me gifts... a huge TV & Nike running shoes I had wanted for awhile!

Alot ended up happening that weekend (which I will ALWAYS be reminded of and wish I wasn't!) and as cheesy as it sounds that was the weekend I first realized I never wanted to loose this boy!!!!

I am so lucky I didn't!

He is the best!

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