Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swiss Days 2010

So its a tradition that all the girl in my family go up on Thursday night and stay the night at Zermont so that we can get up bright and early for one of our favorite days of the year.... SWISS DAYS! (If you don't know what that is read my post from last year!)
Anyways, this year I had to leave Friday night and couldn't stay the second night. However, the time we spent there was so much fun! Pete didn't come up because he had work all Friday so it was just Hads and I. I was a little nervous how Hadlee would do. I even told my mom and sisters that I only expected to shop for a hour and then I was sure I would be pulling my hair out and ready to do.............. Well 8 hours later, Hadlee still sleeping in the front carrier thingy, shopping bags full, and out of money we were ready to go! This year I told myself that I was NOT going to buy any decor because every year that I do I get home and wished I wouldn't have spent the money at Tai-pan or something that I really want. So this year it was ALL about the baby Boothe's and I loved it!

This was Hadlee & Kenzies first of many sleepovers!

At dinner probably not the best place my mom made us aware that she had never cleaned out her ears, she didn't know you were suppose to. So first thing my sister Alicia did when we got back to the hotel was teach my mom how to clean out her ears!.. I know kinda sick right!

I had to wake Hadlee up pretty early to get her ready... she didn't like that too much!
Ya I went a little bow crazy!
These were all my findings!

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