Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grandpa's 90th Birthday & Kimball's Baptism

So I rushed home from Swiss days because Saturday was a special day for our Nephew Kimball. He was baptised and we were so lucky to get to be there. I love baptisms. I know that when I was 8 I didn't fully understand how special that day was but now seeing my nieces and nephews get baptised I get so emotional because what a great blessing that is.

Saturday was also Grandpas 90th Birthday!

Since both of my grandpas have passed away Grandpa Carling(Pete's Moms dad) has turned into my Grandpa. I think that everyone needs a Grandpa in their lives. There is something about a Grandpa that no other person can make up for. Grandpa Carling has been so loving since the day I met him. He lives with Pete's parents which is great cause we get to see him very often. We love going over there and just talking with him. For being 90 he looks great! One thing I love about him is his sense of humor. There has been so many times that no one is expecting the sarcastic things that come out of his mouth. I am so grateful that Hadlee has him here and hopefully that she will stay long enough so that she can have memories of him.

Pete's mom rented a water slide for all the KIDS to play on and of course Pete joined right in!

We had a great day and loved being with all the family!

Happy Birthday Grandpa, WE LOVE YOU!

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