Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally the Nursary!

I will admit that one MAJOR reason I wanted to move was so that Hadlee could get a nursery. I mean what mother doesn't dream of decorating their little baby's nursery. Duh I have been imagining mine for years now and I couldn't imagine her not getting one. So after unpacking the rest of our house and waiting for my mom to get home from her trip cause of course I was going to need my moms help for this task we finally finished. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Just how I dreamed it would be!
the process.....
Well my parents had bought us the crib awhile back before Hadlee was born which I fell in love with right when I saw it. Then the rest got put on hold until last week. Pete and I found a dresser on KSL. This little guy from the middle east would buy these dressers and spray paint them and make money off of them... Well I felt bad for buying one and then redoing it after all his spray painting hard work but I had no choice..... I couldn't settle with a plain white dresser so I pretended to love the dresser which I did, not so much the color and we bought it. The next day I spent the day painting and antiquing it which my mom helped me with and it turned out perfect and Hadlee enjoyed watching and getting to be outside. Then my mom had found a old chair that had came from I think my dads uncles house when he died and she had a idea to paint, antique and repository it. And of course that turned out perfect. Then I told my mom that I wanted some kind of drapery over the crib. I didn't know how we were going to do it but I knew I wanted it. So of course my mom & DAD (how cute, huh?) came up with a great idea to use all the stuff from mine and Pete's wedding. (Our wedding was beautiful for those of you that were there... everything was done to the little tiny detail) So we used the sheets that we used to drape the top and the sheer chair ties to outline the crib and then my favorite part was we hung the crystals that were hanging on our centerpieces from the sheer pieces. then outlined it with lace!!!! I loved how it turned out... its still not done we do need to make pillows, and do more to the bedding and then put a shelve up but other then that its pretty much done!!
Hads even loves it, I have been putting her in her crib lately during her naps and she just stares at everything!

My cousin made these for me for one of my showers and they turned out perfect!


  1. I LOVE it MAL!! soo cute:) I'm still just trying to finish up Maddelin's room, Caleb doesn't understand why it has to be done now, but I want it to be:) haha. It all Turned out sooo cute!! YAY for you.