Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday we spent the day at Lagoon with the Schip's! I went there knowing I wasn't going to get to do much but It was fun walking around and me and Hads did go and see the new show which was great!
We started our day at Lagoona Beach which we showed up as everyone else was leaving so Pete went on one slide and then people watched for awhile and then left to go meet up with everyone else. I would have to say it was a waste of $40 (we got discount tickets) but it was fun being with the family and Had slept the WHOLE TIME!

Micheal is seriously so cute with Hadlee, after he got off every ride he would come check on Hads and see if her binky had fallen out!

Hopefully next year we can do more and Hads will be old enough to ride some kids rides!

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