Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grandma's 86th Birthday!

We met up with my mom, sister Hil and her kids Josi & Landon, and my Grandma for her 86th birthday!

This Lady is truly amazing! Although we often get a laugh out of her for all the crazy things she does and says sometimes, we sure do love her! My grandma is such a great example to me, she has such a strong testimony of the gospel and is so giving, ever since I was little she was always willing to buy whatever I was selling for fundraisers. When I went to College she offered to pay for my housing and so I would be able to move away. She has always supported me in all I do!She also has the BEST memory! I love talking to her about her live, she remembers everything. I also love talking to her about Celebrities, oh because she knows everything about HOLLYWOOD there is to know from her 'People' Magazine she gets every week! Next week we are moving into the basement apartment of her house and I can't wait to get to see her more!

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