Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good thing for friends!

Saturday night a bunch of our friends invited us to the famous HOLLYWOOD CONNECTIONS! I seriously have not been there for years and at first didn't want to go. It didn't sound fun to me because I figured I would just have to sit and watch everyone roller skate and ride the rides. We decided we would go and if it wasn't fun we would leave... Oh boy was a glad we went! It seriously was a blast! Our friend Jared use to work there and his dad is some 'big' person there so we got all the hook ups! Unlimited everything and the best part was a can full of tokens to play the games!
***A little background.****
over the last year Pete and I have became obsessed with arcade games and getting tickets, we know what games give the most tickets and which games are a ripe off. So lets just say we were pretty excited that we had a bucket full of tokens to play all the games we wanted. Pete along with the other boys decided to play the games that doesn't give you any tickets you just race cars or stuff like that, but Lisa and I went straight to see how many tickets we could win! Since the tokens were free Jared told us that we couldn't use the tickets we won to get any prizes... so what happens... we hit the JOCK POT! We seriously had so many tickets, enough to get something big, but he ended up letting us get bracelets to pay off for all our hard work winning tickets!

We seriously have the greatest friends, its so fun getting together with them! Hopefully that once Baby Schip is here we will still get to see them and hang out!

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