Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catching up on birthday!

Ok so we have really been slacking on our BIRTHDAY DATES!

Isabelle's birthday was clear back in March, and Hannah's was in May. However, we decided to wait till they got out for the summer so that we could take them one night to JUNGLE JIM'S!

I haven't been to this place for years and I guess when your a kid it seems so much cooler then it really is. There wasn't much to it and it was dead which happened to be good for us! Isabelle and Hannah couldn't get enough of the roller coaster... I wish I was still a kid and could go on it over and over again but being 9 months pregnant that wasn't going to happen. Pete could only take it once and he was done...

After that we went to Artic Circle which they choose I am guessing cause they had the biggest play place!

Living with these two have seriously been so much fun. Isabelle loves coming down and just hanging out, no matter what we are doing she is always wanting to be in on it such a cleaning, packing, cooking, anything she wants to help! Its been so exciting to see what outfits she has on each day or swim suit. She is ALWAYS wanting to be in either a swim suit or a leotard! I love it!

Hannah is such a sweet girl, she is also always willing to help us with whatever we are doing and is also so smart!

Happy Late Birthday girls!

We love you and can't wait to see our little girl grow up with you two!

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