Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st Baths

Hadlee's 1st Bath!
Our wonderful CNA Natalie with the help of Pete gave Hads her first bath in the sink of our room so that I wouldn't miss out on the fun! I think this was the first time we heard her loud cry! She was not a big fan of this!

Cleaning the ears!

Dad scrubin away!

and... they were both out.... it wore them both out!
Once we got home we were all on our own!
I was a little nervous, I mean you already are scared to death of doing something wrong and then to top it off with, how warm should the water be? What if soap gets in her eye? What if I drop her? Yes, so I was a little nervous!
However, she discovered how great a bath is and was loving it!
I got all the stuff out and ready!

Her pour rashes!


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  1. She is super cute!! haha and thanks for covering her girly parts:) haha. Looks like you guys are having soo much fun, and I know your amazing parents!! Love you.