Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A true HERO to many!

Today finally happened, a Dad my dad has been talking about for over a year now. He had retired from his job at the Church office building. usually when you retire from there they throw you a little get together, with a speaker and refreshments. Well with my dad being the man he is....... it was no LITTLE get together. People from all over the valley whom my dad has helped changed their lives with one thing or another called because they heard the news and wanted to come to show there application. So they had to move this so call little get together to the Joseph Smith buildings chapel, and double the refreshments, and also got a couple more speakers! Someone one mentions in one of the talks that Doug got to be at his own funeral and that is what it seriously felt like. It was amazing. I was so proud to stand and be announced at a daughter to this wonderful/heroic man. Many people gathered in whom my dad hadn't seen for years, however, they had no forgotten my dad and the simple/larger things he had done for them to make their lives easier one way or another. My dad, was over the disabilities of the church. He absolutely loved his work, he went to working trying everyday trying to make someones live more easier.

Here is what was talked about at his celebration :)

Written by my mom:

"So I thought of the time my daughter Hilarie Cole had just gotten married 1995 and she was asked to speak to young women of the church about her learning disability in the General Women Meeting (The YW one right before General Conference.) Doug had been asked to find someone that might be willing to do it.. It was a great moment for him to have her address million of people. The response was also wonderful. Another event that was really important for Doug was getting a 2nd deaf ward started here in West Jordan. The last thing that I thought of and perhaps the most important to Doug was the many many times he talked to individuals who would call up and want to know why their child couldn't do something (go on a mission, do certain ordinances, Sac. Prayer, so on.) Doug's greatest joy was to educate stake presidents, bishops, area leaders , teachers and parents and teach them how important and that with a little change, those people and children with disabilities could do anything.. He loved to hear about their success. You know that for many years, Doug motto has been. "I want to change the world." He has always been so willing to do that one person at a time. Numbers didn't mean much to him but "one" person meant the world to him. He would do everything he could to help each person he came in contact with. Many times he would send materials to different parts of the world to help many or just one. It didn't matter how many. He loved working with the missionary department and sending and helping young men and women on missions for the church.He did many things outside the church with disabilities. He travel on his own time (5 times) to Romaine to work in the orphanages, ("Bridge of Love" foundation.) They had many children with all kinds of disabilities. He helped financially as well as with giving of his time. Many years ago, he had been told of a young deaf man who lived in Montana and needed to come to Salt Lake. He didn't have a place to go we he lived with us for a year to get him started. One of his favorite trips was to Guan Africa, because of all the deaf people and they all know ASL. He has a really strong bond with those people. He has always interpreted for many deaf people on his own time for anything from Dr. appointments to church functions, also for legal matters, many different events. Besides for his own parents, for many friends. In honor of Doug's parents, we along with his brothers and sisters and their families have hosted and funded a Christmas party for deaf children in December. We have also had enough money to do several sub for santa's for families with either deaf children or deaf parents, who need some help. We have only done this twice and will continue to do it again each year. "

Again I am so proud to have a dad like this!


Thanks for the many years you put in to support our family and give us all we have.

Friday night, we celebrated as a family and went to Madeline's Stake house..... Not my favorite place but Pete sure loved it.

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