Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little closer...

In these pictures in looks white, but its actually a really dark antique cream... BEAUTIFUL!

With only being 8 weeks away, I figured I better get my butt going on getting ready for this little girl to be here! Oh boy, am I excited or what!! I can't believe its only 8... well actually less then 8 weeks to go and after this long 9 month she will be here!!!!

Yesterday me and my mom went shopping for "THE CRIB" after searching high and low for my dream rod iron crib, I can across another beauty! No it is not Rod iron but its beautiful! It was the last one they had in that style. I wanted to bring Pete back to see it, but right after i left the store I just knew I had to go back and get it cause it would be gone, they had just barley put it out on the floor and they had no more...... This was the only crib I fell in love with as much as a rod iron one so I knew i better jump on it! Sure enough I did and i can't wait to pick it up this weekend and for Pete to see it! Pictures to come..... this is out first thing we have really bought....(well we didn't really buy it, my parents did as a gift) However, was a stress its been to get the perfect crib! But its one step closer to being ready for her to be here and I love it! I guess the next thing will be the car seat.... I seriously HATE making final decisions, I have been looking at cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, and just about everything baby for months now and I still can't decide which means I haven't found the perfect one! So lets hope I find those "perfect ones" fast!!!! once again LESS THEN 8 WEEKS!!!!

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  1. I love the crib! Its gonna look so cute with all the vintage stuff your going to do!