Monday, May 3, 2010

Third & LAST Trimester


I am officially in my last trimester!!!

I remember back in Trimester 1, thinking that it was going to be take forever to get to Trimester 3 and who knows if i would ever make it!... But its here and I couldn't be more HAPPY!

I will have to say that things have gotten so much harder, the last couple of weeks I have doubled in size and seriously can't imagine growing any bigger!!

However, this has totally made me motivated to NEVER be over weight. ha. It makes EVERYTHING in life so much harder!

I have also started to feel the pregnancy pains which are NOT and again NOT fun at all!!

and to think labor will be more painful makes me want to cry!

However, I just keep telling myself that all this pain will give me a beautiful baby girl... and it make it all worth it! :)

We have also started shopping for BABY!
no not just clothes...
But all the MANY other things you need for a baby!

I found the car seat I want... and of course its out of stock... EVERYWHERE!

Don't worry, I am determined to find it somewhere.....

I also have a couple of Cribs that I like but haven't decided yet.
WE have FINALLY decided on the nursery, and boy am I excited!
Its going to be so dang cute when its done....However, it might not be till after baby is here cause we don't really have a room to make into a nursery as of now! :(
I think it has finally hit Pete a little more....

Text I received Friday night..while he was on his way to watch the Jazz game with his friends:

" I have 2 huge boxes of diapers in my back seat.... I feel like a real dad now!"

How cute..

Thanks Jan & Dale(G & G Schip)
For our first 2 boxes of diapers!!

Now .... survey time!

How far along?: 28 weeks.... TRIMESTER 3
How big is baby?: 2 1/4 lbs, 14.8 inches long.... about the size of a Chinese Cabbage!

Weight Gain?: I am guessing about 20! AAHHH
Stretch Marks?: Not yet, but I am terrified of getting them that I stopped my fifteen minutes a night exam of checking every inch of my body for them!
Maternity Clothes?: YES!!! I finally broke and bought my FIRST pair of bottoms! They are so comfy and actually cute, love them! My plan was to just live in dresses and skirts for the summer, however, with this CRAPY weather I couldn't take it any longer and bought some pants!
Sleep?: Well..... I am a back sleeper. I seriously sleep like a mummy. I hate sleeping on my side. However, after learning that its bad to sleep on your back this far into your pregnancy I have tried to put a pillow on the side of me which makes it so I can't lay completely on my back. DON'T WORRY, I get absolutely NO SLEEP! I get so frustrated that I throw the stupid pillow off the bed and back to my mummy position I go!
Best moment this week?: deciding on the nursery & going crib shopping
Food cravings?: Cereal, Milk( I used to never just drink it plain),sweets... whats new. Mexican, and apples. oh AND WATERMELON!!
Movement?: YES, however not as much as I used to which is normal because since the baby is growing she doesn't have much room to dance around in there!
Name: Well we have added about 5 others to the list, Pete has his favorite and I have mine. Our plan it to wait and see which name fits her more when she is here!... we will see how that goes!
What I miss?: Not feeling HUGE!, fitting into my clothes, walking up the stairs and not being totally out of breath!
Belly button?: sooo..... the other day I was showing Pete how weird my belly button looked, while playing with it all the sudden it popped out! AAAHHHH I started freaking out! I have NEVER seen that side of it! Pete of course was grossed out and after I freaked out I was so fascinated by it!
What I'm looking forward to?: Picking out the crib and all the other baby needs! oh yes, AND making bows! :)
Milestone?: Deciding on the nursery colors... which thrust me this was a huge accomplishment... I have been going back and forth too many times!

(p.s this past month I have swollen up quite a bit, my rings don't fit me :( so yes I look like some knocked up pregnant chick that has no daddy, my ankles are now CANKLES... yes, I HAVE CANKLES EVERYONE!! Face is huge, feet are huge, and just about everything else!)


  1. You look great! Keep enjoying every second that you can, it will be over before you know it. Congrats on reaching the third trimester : )

  2. I am so happy for you Mal! You look so cute pregnant!....try being pregnant my size, its horrific!! haha, I told Jon no more kids until I lose 80 pounds first, but for now I am just trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Being able to feel the baby makes it all SO worth it! What are your nursery colors?!

  3. YAY!!! mal, your sooo cute:) and you did get big fast:) but definately in a good way!!! What are you nursery colors?? It would help if I knew so that the stuff I make for you and baby matches:) I can't wait for your shower!!!

  4. Just get the epidural! Labor & Delivery will be a cinch!

  5. Congrats on making it to the 3rd! I just celebrated the 2nd! I envy you. It's good to see what I have to look forward to though! But yikes I already feel like a giant trying to slip into ANY pair of jeans.

  6. Mal you look so so cute! That is so cute of Pete he is going to be the BEST daddy! I stocked up on diapers when they were on sale and I didn't have to buy any till she was 6 months old it was Awesome! haha I can't wait to see the nursery and meet this cute baby girl! You guys are going to be the best parents! We will have to go on lots of dates with our kiddos, I feel bad going with people without kids since they sometimes get annoyed but ya! haha Can't wait to see you Saturday!

  7. You seriously look ADORABLE! I hope I look half as cute in 6 weeks! COngrats on making it to he 3rd tri!! YAY!! And double yay for deciding on a nursery theme!!

  8. Mal!! You look so cute!! Love it!! I am just waiting for the day that my belly starts growing big. Can't wait to find out what you name her and hey, your lucky you just started having pains. And the sleeping? Totally know how bad it sucks too- going through the same problem. I don't get any sleep!!

  9. Mal, you look so cute. Oh my gosh, I just can't believe that you are having a baby. so is going to be so freaking cute!