Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I want it WEDNESDAY!

Yes, you are looking at a refrigerator!

No this is not some special refrigerator that keeps your food from not going bad, I don't even need one that has a water thing!
Then why is this so special you may ask....?

because its a FULL SIZE!

For the past 8 months we have had one of these......

Now..... it hasn't been that bad.
The only thing that I am sick of is going to the grocery store and only picking up things that will fit into our miniature fridge.
Lately we have been going through milk like its going out of style.... (my prego craving has been cereal lately, that explains it a little)
Anyways, so we are only able to fit one gallon of milk in at a time plus Pete O.J that he HAS to have and would DIE without....
so we find ourselves going to the store more often then we would like.
I must say, that this is better then we thought we were going to get when we moved it. I knew that we couldn't fit a FULL size refrigerator in our little kitchen so I pictured one of those little tiny ones with no freezer!
We lucked out and got a little bigger one with a small freezer which has done just fine expect for the space!
But hey, it gives me something to look forward too one day..... :)

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

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  1. That is so funny. Jordan INSISTS that we have OJ in the fridge at all times as well. Oh and he drinks it at the STRANGEST times - he will pour himself a big glass right before bed?!? Seriously...weird. LOL.