Monday, May 17, 2010

30 weeks! 10 more to go!!:)

I have finally hit my 30 week mark!!!! I can't explain how great it feels to say I have 10 weeks to go!!! I seriously just want her to be here and met her!
She has gotten WAY more active! and boy do I LOVE IT! I lay in bed and night just enjoying all her little punches and kicks! I LOVE IT!
My pain has gotten a lot better and I honestly can't complain except the not fitting into anything I have!!
Our little peanut is doing great, growing normal and HEALTHY! I can't believe I will get to see her in just 10 weeks!!
As of Wednesday I am done working until she gets here. Hopefully after that I can find a part time job or something that will work with our schedule. The plan was to work up till she comes but things didn't work out as planned, however its been such a blessing and something that happened for a reason. I have enjoyed every minute of getting all the little things done that I never had time to like making bows, blankets, and all the other little things a baby girl needs!! I have also loved getting a daily nap in. I look back now and wonder how I worked full time, i honestly can't function if i don't get my daily nap in. However, I do miss the people I work with, they honestly felt like family especially my 3 other mothers that where always telling me what I can and can't do pregnant! I am going to miss that place! i was so blessed to get the opportunity to work there and to met the people I did!!
So as for the survey!......

How far along?: 30 WEEKS
How big is baby?: 15.7 inches long, and almost 3 lbs!

Weight Gain?: I don't even want to know
Stretch Marks?: Not yet:) Let pray it stays that way!

Maternity Clothes?: I NEED more!!! I thought I could go without buying more then the couple of bottoms I have..... It not going to happen!!
Sleep?: I wake up starving sometimes.... lately my back has been hurting and so I wake up every 5 min.
Best moment this week?: Having time to starting making bows and all that girly stuff!
Food cravings?: Chocolate chip cookies, and BROWNIES!!!...bad news!
Movement?: MORE THEN EVER!! not just a kick here and a punch there..... seriously I can feel her rolling around! Most amazing feeling ever!!! She is ALWAYS letting me know she is in there and I am pretty sure she is going to come our with her dancing shoes already on!
Name: Have added a couple to the list...... no final decisions yet
What I miss?: Not always feeling HUGE, my ankles (I now have CANKLES) my not swollen face, my old clothes, and walking 5 feet and not being out of breath!
Belly button?: Its still a innie.... but it has became a habit to play with it and pop it out.... I know sick!
What I'm looking forward to?: To meet her in just 10 weeks!!!:)
Milestone?: Making it 30 weeks!!!

Yes.... don't you love my gross roots...... its great that your hair grows like crazy but not so great that you have to keep getting it done so your roots don't look like this......:)


  1. I feel you on the roots thing. I have just given up, I'm due in four weeks so I just figure that I'll get it done a week or so before I'm due and then hopefully my hair will stop growing so quickly!

    You are such a cute pregnant lady, I'm so excited for you!

  2. I love that pic! I dont have to deal with the roots thing so I know its easier but I am lovingggg how long my hair got!

  3. Mal you make bows? I want to make some with you!! I have tons of clips, I just need to put stuff on them :P But I dont know how to make bows just flowers. Call me and lets make some stuff!