Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 year down... Eternity to go!

HOLY MOLY! Its been one year already!
Some days it feels like it was yesterday that we were beginning our lives together and then some days it seems like we have been married for years... that's usually when we act like we have been married for years and getting in stupid fights and drive each other nuts!! But all in all this year has been one amazing year. I have fallen more and more in love with Pete every day. Even the days where we want to kill each other in some weird way I fall more and more in love with him. I can't imagine my life with out this boy! He has taught me so much. This year has been a HUGE growing experience for the both of us and we wouldn't have it any other way. I would have never thought that I would be 2 months away from having a little baby girl on my 1st year anniversary, However, I couldn't imagine it any other way now. One reason I married Pete is because I wanted to start a family with him and its so unreal that my dream is finally coming true. Some things that I have learned about Pete in our first year of marriage that I definitely did not know before is....

* He LOVES his sleep... he could sleep all day if I let him
*He is NOT a morning person
* He can't go to bed earlier then midnight
* If his stomach hurts he does the weirdest thing ever... he would kill me if I explained what that was.
* He doesn't like conflict at all
* He is VERY forgiving
*He is not a big holiday person.... as in the little holidays, he doesn't think we need to celebrate them
*He is such a hard worker!
* He honor his priesthood!
* He leaves his underwear on the toilet EVERY morning after he showers............ It drives me CRAZY!
*He LOVES his O.J
*No matter how much he eats he doesn't gain a pound!
* and most importantly He is such a great husband & best friend!!!


I can't wait to see whats in store for us for year 2 and for all the many years after that!!!

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