Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whats been taking up our time!

So I would say until Pete and I got DVR I was not a TV watcher. But once you have DVR you almost have to be. When you realize all you have to do is record the shows you like and then watch them on your own time you get hooked. So lately I have got nothing done because of these addicting shows!

The Bachelor: On the wings of Love
Ok so this season in my opinion is so planned, common of course someone is going to sleep with a staff member because its never happen before and they have to make "THIS SEASON THE MOST SHOCKING OF ALL" They say that every season with no fail! However, as planned out is it is I still love it and am addicted. This is the show to watch if you want to learn to be a psycho! P.S. Pete hates this show and will NOT watch it with me! I don't blame him!

Secret Life of the American Teenager
Ok, I know what you all are thinking.... what show is about couples in high school wanting to get married and having sex every chance they get, well I am sure it happens somewhere out there. And I will admit its kinda dumb but again PETE and I are addicted. They had a marathon of the first 2 season and we recorded them and watch them every chance we get!

UTAH JAZZ (and ALL other sports)
Of course all of these are Pete's recording. There is always some kind of game playing on at lease one of our TVs!

Man Vs. Wild
This show is CRAZY! Pete got me into it and wow this guy is crazy the things he does sometimes makes me want to barf and sometimes makes me want to get dropped off on top of a mountain and find my way down... I would never make it! Pete thinks that after watching this show he could though! ha ha ha
I did get Pete into this show last season but this season he decided he didn't want to get into it. He will be missing out because this is by far my favorite out of them all. However, I am kinda hoping this is the last season because I mean Jack can only come back to life so many times!! But I am still a fan!!

Keeping up with the Kardashians
I LOVE LOVE this show! I think it is so hilarious! Pete will even watch it at times because we just laugh at this family!


  1. No wonder my life is so boring... DVR is no longer in my life.... I think we were one of the first people to have it years ago and now that my dad got rid of it, I only watch tv if I am home. I do watch the bachelor though because people record it and I go to watch it haha. I love all your shows! Invite me over anytime I will come and watch them!! Love you girl!

  2. I have the same problem!! DVR is taking over my life:) but I love it:) haha. its super nice to save time by skipping commercial though!!

  3. Sounds like us! I swear something is always recording.. I love it!