Thursday, January 28, 2010

ONE DAY......

Since the day I moved back from Hawaii I have wanted to get out of here. Honestly I don't know what it is about Salt Lake, one day I love it (that one day is a warm summer day that is) and then the next day I absolutely hate it. I never had this problem until I had moved away to St. George for college. I think I got a feel of what life was like without living in snow and I fell in love! I HATE Snow, EVERYTHING about it. I would be just fine if I never saw it again. Yes, I will admit I love SEEING it on Christmas morning but seeing it one morning is not worth the other 4,5 even 6 months of it the rest of the year! Not only the snow but I hate how freaking cold it is when its not snowing, I do love the summers we do have which I feel are getting shorter and shorter, however the winters here are horrible! Well, sadly to say I married a UTAH LOVER!!! Pete loves everything about Utah, well.... I wouldn't say he loves the snow but the minute I talk about moving he all the sudden LOVES the snow. YES I did say when I talk about moving... it is probably everyday I talk or at least think about moving!! I would give anything to live back here

or here
Or anywhere that has one of these

or anywhere that it is sunny year round, now I know that St. George has its cold days however its not snowy and it does not last 4, 5 or even 6 months. Also right now that is the most realistic place we/I can think about going because of in state tuition.

However, I did make a deal with Pete that if he lets us move away for at least one year then I will move back here and raise our little family. I do love being so close to our families I just want to do this while we are young and don't have a set career, kids aren't in school, no worry about selling a house! However, it won't be for awhile but I am hoping its sooner then later!! I will keep you updated! :)


  1. YAY!!! you should totally move down here:) YOU would love it!!! and so would pete. it's a little hard cause I miss my family, but we have tons of great, fun couple friends that keep us busy. AND I would babysit for you whenever I could!! :) there is lots of huge houses or even nice town homes for rent for cheap down here, since no one can actually sale them:)

  2. You crack me up! I hope to go somewhere warm the fact that I am being forced out of utah.... we will see I guess. haha Good luck convincing Pete. But St. George is great.