Monday, January 11, 2010

First Appointment!

We both had been waiting for this appointment for what feels like forever. We went this morning at it went great! Well most of it!
When we first arrived of course we filled out all the paper work the measured my heart rate and gave us a big bag of pregnancy goodies and estimated what my due date should be going off my period. The first thought running through my mind is shouldn't they look and see if something is even in there before giving us all this stuff and putting me through all this doctory stuff they do which I HATE! (you will see why) I of course knew there was something in there because of all my sickness but Pete had started to convince me that we didn't know for sure and that my sickness could be something else. Yes, I know stupid but I had lost weight and my sickness had gone away and other symptoms had gone away as well. So I was mostly excited to go to this appointment just so we would have a for sure yes that something was growing inside me!
After meeting with my doctor for the first time whom I feel in love with. She is awesome. I didn't think I would mind going to a boy or a girl but after meeting her I am so glad I decided to go with a girl, they have more of a feel of what your going through which it just so happens my doctor is also pregnant so she could understand the crazy thing I am going through first hand. After meeting she turned on the little monitor and there it was, our little bean. It was amazing and right then it all became so real to us, something is growing inside of me, it has two arms, two legs and a strong little heartbeat! She said that we were about a week off of what our baby was measuring as so that would make us 12 weeks and 3 days! That what I thought I was originally so I wasn't too disappointed. The whole experience was amazing! Now we just can't wait to find out the sex!

I wish the story ended there but it didn't, after that the doctor advised me that I needed to go get a urine test and my blood taken. Well if you know my history I have had BAD experience of my blood trying to be taken. That is what makes me HATE HATE HATE the doctors. I don't have vein... plain and simple. They aren't there, I have been poked, stabbed plenty of time and no veins to be found. So as I sat down I told the girl good luck! I also advised her of my past experience and told her that no needle is going in me until a for sure vain is found. Once again i had no veins, after awhile of trying to find one she decided to put 2 bands on my arm which she said would be more painful but she would be able to find a vain, well it worked but she was right I felt like my arm was dead and I just wanted to rip it off. She poked me and started drawing the blood. Pete mentioned that it was a lot of blood, she replied oh no this is only 25 (whatever) and when you donate blood they take 500(whatever). This is not enough to make someone pass out or light headed. That last sentence kept repeating in my head as I started to feel light headed, thinking to myself, ok now I really can't make it look like I don't feel good because I will look like the biggest wimp. As I kept thinking of what she said and listening to her talk to me I suddenly went deaf, I couldn't hear anything she was saying and soon after that I couldn't see everything was a blur, however I was trying so hard to make it look like I was ok because I didn't want to look like a big wimp. I couldn't hide it anymore, the nursed asked if I was ok and if I wanted to lay down, I guess I was Pail. She went to get my water and I remember telling Pete that I hated this feeling my whole body hurt and the room was spinning. I had never had that happen to my before but I hated it. It honestly was the worst feeling. I remember I kept asking Pete when this was going to stop. Finally the nurse came back in with water and that helped a lot. After that I felt so embarrassed. After that she gave me a urine test which I was too shaken up that it took me forever to take that. But I a glad to say I am fine and I guess I need to toughen up because I am sure I am going to have a lot more needles going in me when this baby comes!

P.S We did get picture and our baby looks like a little bean... I love it!


  1. I am so excited for you both! You are gonna absolutely love being a Mommy! The best thing in this life!!!!!

  2. So exciting!! I'm glad you were able to hear and see the baby. Don't worry, I've been woozy before after giving blood. The nurse poked my arm 3 or 4 times, trying different sized needles, etc. It made me sick and I almost threw up all over her. I'm sure you will toughen up as the pregnancy progresses. If not, there are always plenty of kidney dishes around to barf in. ;) Congrats, guys!

  3. Aww Im so happy for you! And Im glad you like your girl doctor haha You will love that office they are all so nice I loved the girls at the front desk! I am so glad everything is going well :)I can't wait for you to find out what your having it will come so soon!! Please let me know if you need anything k! Love ya!