Friday, January 8, 2010

The best of 2009

Well 2009 was another great year. BIG & GREAT changes!

This might be a lot of detail but this is for us to remember our year anyways!

* Spent New Years at a cabin with My family
* Pete started his first semester of college
* I moved to different housing in Orem
* Pete & I decided that we wanted to spend the rest of eternity together!
* Pete got a job

* 14th Pete planned the best Valentines day ever!:)
*18th Went to Vegas
*20th Pete PURPOSED!
*22nd I started a new job at Cyprus Credit Union
* 28th Our families have an Engagement dinner for us

*Was going crazy planning the wedding!

* Had my first Wedding shower
*Pete had his first mission Reunion
*Took our Engagement and Bridal pictures
* Took finals!!

*Many more Bridal showers
*5th Mallory got her wisdom teeth out
*10th Best friend had her baby girl
*Ended my job teaching dance and pre school in Lindon
*Had our picture perfect wedding!
* 20th Went to Maui for our Honeymoon
* Came home and was homeless!! :)

* Moved into a apartment(well not moved in, just moved a bed and clothes in for a couple weeks)
* Went on our first camping trip married ;)
* Quite Cyprus Credit Union and started working at Utah RV Rentals!

* 9th Went to Idaho to Pollies wedding
* 11th Longest road trip of my life to OREGON with the Schipaanboords
* 17th Visited the Oregon Temple
* 25th Day at Bear Lake boating
* 27th New niece was born, Rachel Howard

* 8th Brother got married, and we got a new sister-in-law
* Moved out of a Temporary apartment and was homeless again!:)
* Stopped working at Utah RV Rentals :) and promised myself I would never go back (sorry had to put it so i won't forget!)
* Pete started school again

* 7th moved into our apartment and made it our little home!:)
*11th Went to Vegas with some friends
*14th Started new job at Performance Audio!!
*Best friend got married, Erin & Neal Burk

* Went to Lava Hot Springs with the Hinds
*Mallory turns 22
*Pete surprised me with the best birthday ever!
* Pete and I throw a Halloween party!

* Found out we were going to have a little baby Schipaanboord :)
* Celebrated our 6 month anniversary
* Went to Wendover for work party
*Had out first Married Thanksgiving with the Schipaanboord's

*Announced to our family that we were expecting!
* Pete turned 22
* Had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families!!
* Spent the New years at a cabin with friends!

We had such a great year! Its crazy how much can change in one year but they were all changes for the better! We are so excited to see what this new year brings our little family!

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  1. I love it!!! What an eventful year holy moly! So happy for you and Pete! Love you guys!