Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite time of the year!

Well after this weekend it really started to feel like Christmas! Friday night Pete and I planned on seeing lights but ended up staying at my parents house with most of my family and ordering dinner, talking and the best of all my mom trying to teach my sister Ivy and I how to make our family secret recipe. This was a sight to see, sorry to all those who missed it. But great new I got up early Saturday morning and they turned out perfect!! Now I can make them Christmas morning!

Saturday Pete was on call and was gone pretty much the whole day which was kinda good cause I got to get a lot of his Christmas shopping done. Saturday night was our annual girls Christmas dinner. We have been doing this since high school and it is for sure one of my favorite Christmas party. We eat dinner which we all bring/bought(this year) lol! Exchange gifts, catch up, get to see each other, and make out movie. This was only our second year doing the movie which we record us telling what happen the past year and our goals for this next coming year. This was our first year we got to watch one from the year before and it was great. In the video Kallee, said I would be married and pregnant. With me in that back ground saying NO WAY! Well she was right! Its crazy to see how much can happen in a year and how different our lives are but the best thing about it is we have always stayed best friends. and when I say best friends I am serious. We are always calling each other weekly to see if anything is new from the week before and its like we never skipped a beat! I am so grateful for them I know we will always stay close!

While I was at our girls party Pete got together with all his guys friends and went to dinner and went back to our house to watch football. I am glad we both have close friends that are always there for us.

Matching Sweaters!
"S" for Schipaanboord!
I had Erin this year, which was so fun to shop for since she is now married with a house!

First time meeting BABY!

Sunday night it was my families Progressive dinner, however this year we decided not to Progress and to just do it all at my sister's Ivy's. The food was all great and then afterwards we did a live nativity with all my nieces and nephews. This was our first year doing this and it was so cute and their was such a strong spirit. All the little kids looked so cute and was so excited to play their parts. I can't wait for next year to see our baby get to play baby Jesus!:) Ps. The costumes where made with whatever we could find in my sisters house.... lol

Pete reading his part! He's so cute!
Joseph and Mary
The sheep and a Shepherd

Baby Jesus
2 Wisemen bring thier gifts

My sister Alicia also brought bell thingys(I don't know what they are called) We all got really into it, maybe too much into it that we told the little kids they couldn't do it only the adults!


  1. you girls are so cute. love the headwrap- mine doesn't look as cute as yours, and i want those cardigans kal and mads got. so cute! :)

  2. I love your posts!!! I loved how you guys acted out the nativity, my mom was talking about doing that when the kids get older! I love your family, I sure miss seeing them all as much as I use too. Love you girl!