Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Landon is here!!

Yesterday morning my sister Hilarie had her baby! This is number 4 for them. I was able to go see him last night and boy did that get me excited! He is so cute and seemed to be such a good baby. Congratulations Matt & Hil!

Here a little update on us. Christmas was crazy busy but so much fun! I will post pictures later. I am 11 weeks and have my first doctors appt. on the 11th. I am a little nervous but so excited at the same time. My sickness has gotten worse.... I am now throwing up and smelling things that no one else can small (Pete thinks I am crazy sometimes). We are excited for the new year and for all that it has in store for us!
I hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Years! BE SAFE!


  1. How exciting for your sister!! :) that's awful that your getting sicker....hope it get's better for you!! I love hearing all about it:) you should write how you found out you were prego?? like did you start feeling sick, skip a period, or what?? love you girl:) it will all be so worth it!!

  2. What a darling baby! And I love the name! As you know our baby boy is Landon also! :) We named him after Michael Landon, one of my hero's!