Saturday, November 28, 2009

Work Holiday Party!

This year my work took everyone to Wendover for their Holiday party. Pete and I was looking forward to this cause we have been wanting to get away even if it was only to Wendover!!

We left on Saturday and then came home the next day. The weeks prior to the Saturday my work kept reminding me to warn Pete of how crazy they were!! I was excited for Pete to see who I worked with and then maybe he would understand why I like my job so much! he learned fast!

Saturday we all met at our work to load on the party bus. On the way down there we played Bingo and won awesome prizes. I wasn't feeling too good and being on a bus didn't make it much better. Once we got there we checked into our hotel which were such nice rooms. I was not expecting Wendover to be that nice, I felt like I was in a Vegas Hotel Room(the nice ones). That night we had a Big Dinner. The food was sooo good! We ate way too much. After dinner we played a white elephant game. I had heard so much about this before hand and was kinda excited/scared for it! :) It ended up being so much fun and very interesting!! After that we were giving money to Gamble/do whatever we want with. Pete was super excited cause when do you ever just get money to gamble with? My whole office was playing Craps, we didn't know how to play and wanted to figure it out. We ended up having someone explain it to us(more then one time) and the Pete wanted to give it a try. We stayed there for about 4 hours and ended up only up 20$ which later lost :( STUPID GAMBLING!! that's why you don't do it! but I will have to say it was worth it! It kept us entertained for the night and when else are you given money to play? The next morning we got vouchers to a breakfast and then back to the party bus to head home.

We had so much fun, Pete now understand why I love my job and the people I work with!!
Darrin if you ever read this which I know you have before! ;) We can't thank you enough! Thanks for making us feel so welcome and all your hard work. You too Heather, I know you don't always get the credit you really deserve!!!

We weren't having any luck at Bingo so we cheated a little and used 6 cards! We still didn't win!

Getting ready to party!

Our Beautiful room

This is who I work with.... :)

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