Monday, November 30, 2009


First off I would like to announce that this was my first Thanksgiving in about 10 years that I actually ate the TURKEY!! and I liked it until I tried to eat left over turkey and then I wasn't a big fan anymore.

Anyways, another Thanksgiving has came and gone! :( There were a lot of FIRST this Thanksgiving. One was that this was my FIRST Thanksgiving not at my parents. This year we had Thanksgiving with Petes side. I was a little nervous about this because over the years my mom has been very good at making sure there were my favorite things there to make up for me not eating Turkey. I kept asking Pete the night before, " Ok, so does your family have Mashed potato's and Gravy? Do they have Stuffing? Do they have corn?" Now for some those might be obvious questions, but I have heard of many families having weird kinds of food at Thanksgiving, and if that were the case my plan was to make all that stuff and bring it to share. Because I was not going to have a FIRST Thanksgiving without MASHED POTATO'S!!! Anyways, I shouldn't of even been scared because dinner was great. Jan is such a great cook and she even had OLIVES! Which I was so close of bring them myself because I knew the Schipaanboords hated them! After dinner we cleaned up and played some games which was a lot of fun. After that we were on our way to my parents for pie. Since this year was the OFF year with my family only a few of us were their since some were out of town. But it was fun anyways even though the rest were missed! After Pie it was my favorite part!! Mapping out our Black Friday Route! This year I didn't have much I was going for... but I couldn't miss it!

This year My sisters, Ivy and Kalie and I started at about 2 A.M. I tired to go home and sleep till then but all i could think about was shopping (Yes I love shopping that much) so i decided to wake up and go earlier then planned! I felt like I was missing out on too much! lol We met at the mall which I was very disappointed in. Everything we bought wasn't even on sale. So I am noting to myself now THE MALL IS NOT WORTH LOOSING YOUR SLEEP OVER! after that we went have waited in Target line!!!!! Well, by this time it was just Ivy and I, Kalie went home cause she had work in the morning. We got in line at about 4:15 AM and it opened at 5 AM. Ivy waiting first while I ran over to Old Navy then we switched places. Finally 5:00 hit and then we just got crazy. as we were walking in very calm, two guys from behind us started running. That made us panic, we both started screaming and took off running not even know where we were running! After Filling up ONE cart with a TV, 2 Christmas Tree boxes and a bunch of other stuff we were trying to push our way through people when all of the sudden everything from our cart spilled everywhere......cause a huge jam in the isle. Ivy and I couldn't even pick the stuff up cause we were laughing so hard almost peeing our pants. While some people laughed with us and then others so furious because we were holding up their shopping! Finally we got our self under control and realized we were too tired to function. We stopped at a couple of different stores and then off to bed it was! On top of all this I was sicker then a dog, however I was not going to let that stop me. I ended up getting everything I was set out to get plus more then i needed!!!

Anyways back to Thanksgiving, Pete and I had so much to be thankful for this year!

2009 Thankful list

1. Each other- each day we learn more and more about each other!

2. Our PARENTS!-they are always there for us when we need them!

3. Our Families- We love getting to see them all the time and having a close relationship with them all.

4.Our Nieces & Nephews- They are always teaching us something new

5. Our Friends-We are so glad we have friends that will still hang out with us even though we usually are the only married ones there! also we love our Married friend. It so much fun having them!

6. Our home-Thanks to Ryan and Mel we have a place we could make our home.

7. Our cars

8. Our Eternal Marriage!!!!!!

9. Our Jobs!!

10. Maggie (Pete would Kill me if I didn't put her)-She is Pete's/parents dog.

11. T VO- I never had it till we got married and I really wonder how we lived without it!!

12. The Gospel and our Savior!!- Honestly without the gospel and our Heavenly Father I don't think we could have got through some of our trials we have gone through this year!


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