Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday date with EMERY!

So being that both sides of our families we have a total of 22 nieces and nephews and 2 on the way. So we pretty much have at least one, two or maybe three birthdays a month. We always find ourselves stressing out about what to give them, because they are all different ages and I just hate giving them a toy along with all their hundreds of toys they have at home. It will just get thrown in the corner the next day and then taken to the DI the next year. So starting this month we decided to try something new from now until next year. We figure that we are getting to a point where we are not getting to spend as much time with our nieces and nephews as we wish. With our crazy lives its hard to find time to even spend time together. We also figure that a memory is much better then a toy. So for their birthday we are taking them on a date just with Aunt Mal & Uncle Pete.

Emery's 4th birthday was Sunday. So Saturday the plan was to go to Disney on ice, However that fell through so we ended up letting her pick what she wanted to do. When we showed up to pick her up, my sister said she had been waiting at the window for us to come for over a hour.... that right there made it all worth it to know how excited she was to spend time with us.

She said she wanted to have lunch at Cadonalds. Cadonlads what the heck is that? After having her repeat herself we realized what she was trying to tell us. I thought there was a McDonald's at South Town Mall so we headed there cause she mentioned that she wanted to ride the horses there (carousel). After that we told her she could pick one thing, clothes, toys or candy. Of course a 4 year old picked the candy. We found a cute little candy shop where you can fill up a bucket with whatever candy you want. This was a lot of fun for Pete and I however, emery just cared about one candy that she set her mind too. We told her that she could have that candy plus more, but she only cared for the one candy. (It was a baby bottle pop. After that Pete had to leave us to go do homework with some friends and we went over to my moms so that Emery could play with her cousins.

It was such a fun day! I hope that she will remember it! We can't wait to do it with the rest of our nieces and nephews!

Pete trying to get her all buckled up!!

Her candy bucket!

This was at her birthday party on Sunday, she got a new bike!!
Lincoln must of felt left out so he decided to try on her new dress!! ha ha


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  1. you and pete are like the best aunt and uncle. that's such a cute idea!