Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yes, I know I am crazy and that its only the beginning of September but I just can't wait!!! I think I have been thinking about what Pete and I are going to be for Halloween the past six months, and trying to find decorations the past four months! I love Halloween....EVERYTHING about it. Pete and I still haven't found a Halloween costume, we have some ideas but we need more, any ideas please let me know! Also we have decided to throw a Halloween party this year with our friends. I am so excited hopefully it will all come together and you all better be planning on your Halloween costumes cause your not getting in unless your dresses up.
I have also been working with my mom making Halloween crafts. I will have to say i am pretty proud of myself. I came up with it all by myself and it turned out pretty good but now I am ready for my next....ANY IDEAS!!??? I am trying to find like Halloween craft blogs or websites but can't seem to find any good ones. so if any of you know of some let me know! Anyways just wanted to warm everyone that it will be here before you know it so start planning your custom because those who don't dress up.... your no fun!!! :)


  1. mal. you're so funny! i don't know what i'll be for halloween. i'll be in new york though, so i better start working on a killer outfit!

    have you been to the wood connection? they have way good halloween ideas! look there. :] it's on 7200 south, and i couldn't tell you what west. eek. sorry that wasn't much help!

  2. Mal!! You are quite the blogger lately and I love it! Ohh I hope we are invited :) Then maybe I can convince the GRINCH of every holiday to dress up! Oh and if you want some super cute Halloween decorations there are going to be a TON in the raffle for my sister next saturday. So come! And hopefully youll win one. Or two! Or more haha

  3. New york.. how fun! what are you going there for, ya people there don't even need to try and dres up. And i will check that place out. thanks a bunch.

    Kels of course you are invited! and you tell Kev he better dress up! Pete is the same way he is not big on halloween but i told him he better put on a happy face and dress up! And yes we are planning on coming to your sisters thing unles we go to st. Geroge we are suppose to go that weekend with my cousins but its not a for sure thing so if we don't we will be there. I was going to ask you do we have to be there to buy tickets, like can you only win things if you are there. let me know!
    Also I sure am a blogger...thats what happens when your job is boring and there is nothing to do!