Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The summer before Pete left on his mission I was able to go on his family Trip with him to California. I was a lot of fun going to Disneyland, and hanging out on the beach. This year they planned another one to OREGON. I was excited because I had never been there before. Pete's family has always talked about it because they had lived there for about 4 years before Pete was born so they had some childhood memorizes there. I was excited except for ONE part! THE DRIVE! I hate driving! Put me on a plain and I'll go anywhere but but me in a car and the furthest I want to go is St. George and even then i am dying to get out of the car. After trying for about 4 months to convince Pete to let us fly, using the excuse or the gas is going to go back up to $4 and then it will be cheaper to fly, and a lot of other ones that he just laughed about I didn't get my way and we did the 12 hour drive! I survived and it wasn't all that bad. It was actually a lot of fun. We made sure to bring a portable TV and of course all the seasons of the O.C. which made it fly by. Also on the way there we spent a day in Idaho for my roommates wedding which made it not so long of a drive there.

The trip was a blast, we stayed in a huge house right on the Coast with such a pretty view. The weather was being me brought like ten swimming suits and all summer clothing thinking that we were going to the beach..... but if you have been to the oregon coast before you would know its not what you think a beach would be. Didn't wear any swimming suit and wore my long pants the whole time. It was great being with Pete's family. I am sure lucky to be apart of them now. They crack me up. I love all his nieces and nephews, they are all so cute! Hopefully it won't be long till we do another one!

Dale & Jan

This was at the aquarium

The Girls

Another rainy day!

Sea Lion Cave

This cave was unreal, it had hundreds of sea lions all over, it was so interested to just watch them. However it sure stunk!!

The day before we left Pete and I decided to drive 2 hours up to Portland to go to the temple. What a pretty temple it was. also that just so happen to be the day the Nordstrom sale started.... Pete was so good at letting me go and didn't complain once.

While we were there is was Ryan's and Kimbell's birthdays!

Me and Michael had all sorts of little talks!!

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