Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear Miss Hadlee {4th Brithday Letter}...

Dear my little miss Hadlee,

Where has the time gone? I can't believe its already been 4 year. This year has sure been a fun and eventful year. After much anticipation you finally got to go to Pre School. I of course wasn't as excited as you were. You loved going twice a week and learning all that you could. Your teacher was always amazed with how smart you are. She said that you were constantly asking questions that at times she didn't even know. Your favorite was art time. You definitely took after me and your Grandma. Every single day you ask what art project you can do. We have had to get pretty creative at times. You love coloring and painting. You usually never leave the house without one of your "friends" which include your very best friend 'doggy'. He is usually found by your side all day long. You are the most friendliest kid I know. It always amazes me at how un-shy you are. Your always willing to go ask kids if they want to play with you, or that you think their hairs looks pretty.

 The beginning of the year you took on a huge role in our family, "BIG SISTER". At first I was a little nervous that the age gap of 3 1/2 years was too much and you guys wouldn't be as close as I dreamed. The first couple of week you weren't very sure about Maxx and didn't seem to care that there was now a baby in our family. However, you were my biggest helper, always willing to help me out with whatever I needed. However, the big sister role didn't take long to grow on you. Once you realized that Maxx was obsessed with you and found that anything you did was hilarious you become instant best friends. I have loved watching the 2 of you together. You are constantly trying to protect him and are very good with sharing your toys with him.
You favorite foods are Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli, green beans, and pizza. Your favorite restaurant is Red Robin, which we still aren't sure why. You LOVE to sing and you faovirte movie and Princess is Frozen/Queen Elsa. 

Hadlee, I hope you never forget how much your dad and I love you. We seriously can't get enough of you. You bring so much joy into our family and are always reminding us what is important in life. Thanks for being you! We hope you have the best day and we can't wait to see the person you continue to grow into!

We Love you!
Happy Brithday Sweetheart!


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