Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Denver Adventure...

Ever since my cousin Chelsie got married and moved to Denver we have been talking about going. A few times we tried but flights ended up looking bad last minute. However, a few weeks ago she texted me to tell me that he and her husband Matt were moving to New York. So we decided (well I decided) that we better hurry and visit before she moved. Pete ended up having to work so I decided to take the kids ALONE. I mean after all it couldn't be that bad right?!..... WRONG! 
The flight there was awesome! Maxx slept, and Hadlee was a piece of cake. I even got multiple compliments of how easy I made traveling with kids looked.... Yea right {if they only saw me on my return flight} 

We were so excited to see Matt and Chels and their cute little apartment. That night we stayed up talking and then finally hit the pillow. The next morning we got ready and took a walk to the beautiful little lake by their place.Once Matt got of work we went to Dave and Buster for some intense gaming. Matt had gotten a bunch of gift card to there so we gamed out little hearts out. Hadlee had a blast. 
The plan was to leave that night (I wasn't kidding when I said short trip) but decided to wait till the morning because the flights didn't look so good. The next morning we started our day out at the airport at 5:30 AM. This is where traveling with kids became a serious nightmare! Let me remind you that we fly standby. In the 3 years that we have been flying this way we haven't had any major problems, just little ones here and there but we always seem to make one flight or the other even if we have to take a connecting flight rather then a direct. Well from Denver you don't really have that many options for connecting flights and because most of the DEN-SLC flights are on a Delta connection carrier my seniority sucks! 

Long story short, we showed up ONE minute too late to check in bags which caused me to have to haul a suitcase, a booster seat, a car seat, a diaper bag, a stroller, a kids backpack full of toys, AND 2 kids around the airport. We sat around all day watching all the flights leave WITHOUT us on them. Oh yes, AND I was VERY low on formula for Maxx and did you know that airports do not sell formula!?!?!?... HELLO people, some of us can't just whip out our boob and be good. The kids actually did really well but I was a mess. Tears and all. I never thought we were going to make it home. 

Anyways there was a 4PM flight that just so happened to get delayed (its because I prayed) and people got reaccommodated to other flights and we were about to get on which ended up leaving at 6:00PM...... over 12 hours from when we got to the airport!!!!!

To top it off, they had me and Hadlee not seating together and when you are standby you don't complain you just jump on the plane and be grateful that you made it.... so that was a whole other story. But good news is we made it home and got to see Matt and Chels before they moved!!

This was us watching all the planes leave without us.... :(

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