Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas EVE '13.......

Having a 3 year old in our house took Christmas to a whole new level this year. She completely understood the whole Santa thing and pretty much asked for everything she saw on tv, I always wondered how beneficial commercials were... now I know. More importantly, she understood what the true meaning of Christmas is about. She was more excited to give Pete his gift then to open any of her own gifts on Christmas morning. She always loved learning and listening about stories of Christ birth. I can honestly say that this is exactly what I pictured my Christmas like when I had my own kids. They make everything more magical. 
 This year we started off our Holiday a little rocky as we woke up on Christmas Eve to Hadlee throwing up. No fun! However, she wasn't going to let her stop her from the fun. She kept saying, "I don't want to be sick anymore, I want to go bowling". After resting up a little, we decided to get ready and try to make it to at least one game of bowling with the Hind family. Unfortunately, we got there just as everyone was finishing up. We let Hads throw the ball down some lanes that weren't being used and that was good enough for her. After bowling my dad took the whole family out to a yummy lunch. After lunch we headed over to Pete's brothers house for some soup and games. Of course, right as we walked in the door Hadlee throw up all over me.... oh the joys of motherhood. That night we kinda didn't have anything to do. We went home watched a movie, prepared for Christmas breakfast, got one last visit from Louie the Elf and decorated Santa's cookies. We learned this year that Christmas Eve nights we are going to have to start our own tradition being that neither of our families do anything at night.

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