Friday, June 14, 2013

BABY #2 Coming February 2014.......

Getting pregnant was a whole lot different this time. We were TRYING. Hadlee was a pleasant surprise. One of the best surprise of my life. However, it made a huge difference in the whole process.
We had been talking about having another baby for a couple month before agreeing to going off birth control. Pete was for sure that it would happen right away being that we had no problems with Hadlee even with birth control. I was nervous because I never kept track of the cycles and didn't really know how to do this whole thing.... meaning keeping track of when I am most fertile and such, not main part. :)

Anyways, the first month I started my period after being off BC I was so sad. We went through that process a couple more month and the month that I think there is no chance I could be pregnant.... I am!

I realize that I should have started by now but knew that my cycles were normally off and to wait a few more days before getting my hopes up. After those few more days I was still in denial thinking that there was no way. The day after we bought our house we spend that whole day painting and I got sick.... like throw up sick. Right away I knew that I had to be. I never get sick and this kind of sick especially. The next morning I anxiously took the test and there were those DOUBLE red lines. I decided it was close enough to fathers day that I could wait to tell Pete. Ya, hardest thing ever.

Those few days that I kept it to myself were so special even though it was extremely hard.  I got to focus on this baby all by myself and picture our future together. I am already in love and so blessed to get to be this little baby's mother. The morning of Fathers Day I had Hadlee bring Pete a card, in it has a letter written by me, pictures by Hadlee and we all signed it including BABY #2. I loved seeing Pete reaction. Hadlee wasn't really sure what was going on but she was excited cause we were. February can't come soon enough! 

Hadlee had no idea what was happening.... when we ask her if she wants a brother or a sister her reply is.... "Nope, just a kitty"

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