Friday, December 21, 2012

Disneyland at Christmas.......

I will have to say there is not better time to go to Disneyland then at Christmas. {in my opinion} Disney sure knows how to do it and makes the magic of Christmas come to life. Hadlee was even more excited this time since she knew what to expect. We heard that it was the busiest time of year to go but must of went on a good day cause it wasn't that bad. My parents, Hadlee and I flow down on Friday morning and hurried to the park. Pete had to work so met us there that night.
It was such a fun weekend, especially meeting Mickey and Santa. Friday after being at the park for awhile Hadlee was getting a little tired so we decided to take a break. They have tables set up to color and to decorate cookies. While coloring Mickey walked over and sat down at our table. We were in shock thinking that he was going to hurry and say hi and move on to the next child waiting to take pictures. He did the opposite. He sat there and gave Hadlee quality time, only caring about Hadlee. There were other little kids running up trying to talk to him but he only payed attention to Hads. She was of course in heaven. Parents and workers realized what was going on and held their kids back. They kept telling me to take all the pictures I could because this doesn't happen. Not only did Mickey visit with us but Santa walked away from a huge line of Kids to come sit at our table and color with Hadlee and Mickey. We {including my mom and I} were thrilled. We couldn't get over it, we kept thinking if the boy playing Santa knew us somehow. Who knows but that was defiantly something that we will always remember. Thanks Mickey for making this trip so magical, Hadlee still talks about it.

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  1. Looks like so much fuN! Hadlee is so adorable.