Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last stop, France.....

Our last day we spent in Palma Spain.....My favorite port of them all. We decided to be a typical tourist and buy a ticket for the double-decker-bus. Best idea highly recommend it. It was a hop on hop off which took us to places we would have never thought to go. Pete decided to stay on the ship that morning while we went exploring and then met up with us later that afternoon and the two of us did the tour again. This place was beautiful. Somewhere I want to go back to.
The next day we stopped in Marseille France, we decided to get off the ship there and take a train to Nice because flights were looking better from there then Milan. It was an adventure. We walked about 5 miles with 50{more like 8} bags up a hill, took a train, then a bus, then had a nice lady walk us to our hotel. Not to mention I caught a guy going through my moms bag which Pete had to yell at in French. Don't worry we had about half the train backing us up. That night we got to our hotel late, it was in a little town right outside of Nice. We explored a little finding the cutest little Italian Cafe. That night we of course crashed. The next morning we were off to the airport which we barley made the flight.... last ones on. What a blessing it was, if we didn't make that flight we would have been stuck for a week due to the Hurricane back East. Anyways, it was such an amazing trip. I am so glad I was able to experience with Pete and my parents {They are amazing tour guides} I can't wait to take Hadlee and out future kids back one day.
Peeing in random places became a must do thing by the end of ther trip..... gross I know!

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