Monday, September 24, 2012

My days...

When I first got a PM shift I wasn't too happy about it. However, that has changed, I absolutely love my days with Hads. Wouldn't trade them for anything. Yes, I do miss seeing Pete when he gets home from work with my new schedule I will get my weekends with him which I can't wait for!
Hadlee is one smarty pants..... sometimes way to smart for her own good.
Stuff she says blows my mind.
She is such a girly girl, runs into the bathroom every morning while I do my make up and trys to use my brushes to put "make up" on her checks.
LOVES all her stuffed animal friends. They can't just be placed on the ground, they have to be placed on a chair or bed. When Hadlee eats, they eat. It's never Hadlee that is hungry or "Pooped" its always "My friends are hungry".
My favorite thing she says is, "OOOOOOOOOK"
She is finally a fan of taking pictures, she even has a pose.
She has very good manners most of the time!
Lets just say I am in love with her!!!!

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