Saturday, July 28, 2012

Maui 12'

After working my butt off in June and the first part of July I finally got a week off. Pete was able to get the week off too. For the past couple of weeks we have been throwing out ideas of places to go. I knew I wanted to take Hadlee to a beach. The week before I decided to look at the flights to Hawaii in hopes that maybe just maybe the flights would be open. To my surprise... WIDE OPEN! I really wanted to go back to Oahu, Pete has never been there and I haven't been back since moving home. Our Aunt was kind enough to let us use her Time share again, however, there were not rooms available on Oahu for our dates only Maui. So Maui it was, I was excited to go back, that's where we went on our honeymoon and now 3 years later where heading back with a little one.
We arrived late Thursday night, luckily our hotel was not too far from the airport. This was the same hotel that we stayed in on our honeymoon which was so nice to be back. The next morning we were off to the beach! 
Of course Hadlee was loving every minute of it. Sand, water, getting dirty, playing outside, is all this little girls needs to be happy. After a couple of hours it started getting kinda windy so we headed back to our hotel pool for a little more swimming. That night we walked around to all the local shops and ate at Maui Taco's not my fav but oh well. After dinner we went walking on the beach, all the sudden Hadlee takes off running towards something while laughing her head off. Pete and I had no idea what she was doing until we finally got close enough to see she has spotted out the worlds BIGGEST playground. Hadlee couldn't have been more excited..... she just might have throw the biggest fit of her life, well I hope it was when we tried to leave. 
The next morning we packed up and headed to Lahaina where we stayed our last 2 nights. We couldn't check in for a couple hours so again we headed to the beach. If you haven't told by now we are major beach bums! We realized some of the rooms at our hotel/condos had the prettiest views but knew there was no way that it would be our room. After spending the day at the beach we got our room key. As we opened the door there is was...... the most beautiful view I have EVER had from a room. The ocean was seriously 100 feet away from us. We could hear the waves all day and night. BEAUTIFUL! I took full advantage of it, eating every meal/ sleeping on the couch so that I could hear the waves all night. 

Of course Pete didn't listen to me when I told him to put sun screen on his face the first day so by day 3 he was in pain. We decided it was a good day to drive the road to Hana. I wasn't looking forward to it being that on our honeymoon I remember it made me sick. Hadlee wasn't feeling it either. After driving for about 45 min. She throw up all over and ended that real fast.... I would be lying if I said I was sad we didn't get to go, however Pete was a little bummed. We spent the rest of the day at the pool and ocean. That night we went to the best restraint right on the beach at a little shopping center.
Monday our flight wasn't until 10PM, so we woke up soaked up every last bit we could of the ocean, packed up and then headed back to the airport area. We found a Mall which we wasted a lot of time at then headed to the airport. 

The flight weren't my favorite being that they tried to make the 3 of us sit apart from each other, good thing we had a nice flight attendant that let Hadlee sit on my lap even though she turned 2 while on the flight. And we finally make it home!!!

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