Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Cruise Photo Shoot

Just found these pictures and realized I never posted them..... A little background, for those of you that have been on cruises will totally know what I am talking about but for those that haven't, throughout the whole cruise they have photo stations set up for you to take pictures. Before dinner some people take these pictures really serious. They dress up all nice and full on take some serious pictures that we couldn't help but laugh at. So Ivy and me decided to make these a little fun. The photographers would try to pose us and then right before they snapped the picture we would throw our hands up or make some face. The funniest part was that we wouldn't laugh and act like we are serious. The boys had to walk away cause either they were to embarrassed of us or they couldn't keep a straight face. The photographers thought we were crazy but people on the ship got a kick out of it.

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