Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gotta Love Conferance Weekend!

I always look forward to Conference Weekend. I love the time I get to spend with family and just all the laziness that is involved. Pete ended up having to work on Saturday which was a bummer but me and Hads still had fun. I decided to attempt to put up the Halloween Decoration. At first Hadlee didn't care much for them and seemed to eave them alone..... that lasted about a day. Hadlee also seemed to love Conference. Right when it started she jumped up onto this table (trying to teach her that this is not a seat) and sat through the whole song, opening prayer, and first talk. It was seriously the cutest thing. Man I just love this little girl! Anyways, after watching the first 2 sessions we headed up to Salt Lake to have our Conference girls night while the boys went to Priesthood. Pete luckily got off soon enough to meet his dad and brothers down at the Conference Center. For our girls night we had dinner, chatted, and worked on our crafts.

Sunday we watched the first session and then headed up to Salt Lake again to have dinner for Pete's moms birthday. All in all it was a great weekend! The best part of it all was hearing from our Prophet and leaders. Wow, what amazing people they are. I am already looking forward to next conference!

SAtuarday morning Hadlee work up to a Halloween Basket full of goodies. She LOVED it, after seeing her reaction to this it got me even more excited to see what she does on Christmas!

excuse the naked baby..... I promise we aren't white trash

She carries her bucket around the house and collects whatever she can.

Love this girl!

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